Leopard Print Nail Video & Tutorial!

This was my very first time doing the leopard print on my nails so it goes to show you how easy it is!
Here's the step by step process!

Choose 3 colors, I like to make the base a neutral color, a pop color for the spots and then black for the outlines.

Paint your nails a base color.

Now with your 2nd shade blot on 4-6 blobs or brushes of polish (this should be done with only one coat of the 2nd color). A leopards spots vary in size and shape so yours should too! Make them all different, the more range the better and make sure to leave some room for the outline. 

With your third color semi-outline each spot (make sure that not all of your outlines connect or look the same). Add 1-2 mini-spots to each nail like you did with the 2nd color. Remember, you do not want symmetry!

Add a top coat and you're all set to show them off!


  1. oh my.. that looks fierce :) I'll definitely try that out :)

  2. I love this idea! Definitely going to try it out. (:


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