My Summer Staple

Outfit Details

Dress & Hat: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Vintage

If I had to choose an "everyday look" for summer, this would have to be it. Just add some brown platforms and vuala! Nothing makes me feel more in tune with the season than a straw hat and florals! What are your favorite summer staples this year? 


  1. Gorgeous dress!
    Lately, my summer staples have been any dresses made of jersey. It's too hot for anything else!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  2. Florals and bare legs! Living in Scotland means we get the smallest summer ever! You look pretty in all your posts! Have a great week! Zoë x

  3. Wow you are stunning! And I love that dress paired with your hat :) One of my summer staples would definitely have to be a floral dress I got from Target not too long ago. I just throw it on and am done for the day! hehe


  4. i couldn't agree more! anything with florals on it! you look absolutely gorgeous!


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