Simple, Splendid, Stripes

Outfit Details

Dress- Vintage
Shoes- Steve Madden
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Belt- Vintage

I know it isn't nice (or in my case, easy) to have favorites, but this dress is up there on my list of items most loved. I found it about a year ago at a thrift store and although at first glance there isn't much special 
about it, this is the dress that whenever I put it on, I feel good. Especially paired with the platforms Steve Madden stole from my fantasies.


  1. Hey, Charley,

    It's FFFly from Tumblr. I just wanted to let you know that I've got a blogspot as well. Although I do not use it for outfit posts any longer, I do leave comments with the profile. Keep up the wonderful work.
    You're clearly amazing and have already inspired so many people. (:


  2. You look amazing, love the dress on you. Also your tattoos are beauts, love the russian dolls and the peacock feather. xx


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