How I Do Conservative

Outfit Details

Dress- c/o Blues and Shoes
Belt & Gold Necklace- Vintage 
Camel Blazer- Target

I've always been pretty rebellious, even as a child there was nothing more tantalizing than the forbidden. So whenever I am told to "tone it down" or "cover up" I tend to do the opposite. I don't like to cover my tattoos, scratch that,  I don't like to be told to cover my tattoos and I don't feel like it's ever necessary in order to look polished, approachable, or even that dreaded word; conservative. I love the tailored look, I love neutral colors and above all, I love the way my tattoos look when I wear those things. 
What are some "rules" of fashion you like to break?


  1. Love this outfit!! :) & great photo!

  2. Oh my lanta, I really wish I could pull off those shoes, and I love that hat! umm..I like to break the brown and black rule. ..is that even a rule? :) Cute blog!

  3. Thank you for the sweet comment! Love your style! So adorable.
    xom Elsie


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