My DIY Ombre Hair

Outfit Details

Dress- c/o Blues & Shoes
Shoes: Big Buddha
Flowers- H&M
Rings- Vintage
So I finally got around to doing my hair! There's so many great DIY ombre hair tutorials out there, so I watched as many videos as I could and dove right it. My hair has layers and layers of dark dye from throughout the years so what you're seeing is just the middle of the process! What do you guys think?
Also, I just whipped this flower headband up really quick from clip in flower pieces but I will make a tutorial soon on how to make a real one yourself!
As you can see I'm much happier with a new hair style! xo


  1. I looove your hair. It's so cute! (:
    (And I am in LOVE with your shoes too.)

    Deer. Lady

  2. your hair looks lovely! i want to dip dye my air once i'm fed up of the style i have, but like you i think i'll be watching tooooooons of video tutorials! want to get it right!

    love the headband :)

  3. love that!! looks really good :)

  4. I love ombre hair! you really suit it! My hairs a bit too short to dip dye but I'm always having different colours anyway :) I'm so jealous of your shoes too, they are amazing :)
    Rachelle xxx

  5. I love your headband!!!! It looks adorable on you.


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