Viva West

Outfit Details

Vintage Turquoise Cowboy Boots- Justin
Top & Ring- c/o The Beat Clothing
Wishbone Necklace- Marc Jacobs
Jeans- Forever 21

These are my favorite cowboy boots, possibly my favorite shoes. Really. I have them tattooed on the inside of my arm. And to think they almost weren't mine... A long long time ago, in like 2008 I purchased these treasures over the counter at a vintage shop I worked at. Mint condition vintage turquoise cowboy boots and they were Justin's! Love at first sight was an understatement! And it was meant to be, they were exactly my size! After showing them off to my coworkers and announcing (probably annoyingly) that they were all mine and I would be purchasing them soon I was off to my lunch break!

That is when tragedy struck. I came back to my post to find my beloved boots on the feet of another women! Betrayal. Agony. You get the picture. How could this happen? It was an honest mistake by a coworker but I was inconsolable. She was walking around the store deciding if they were too big for her   feet. I was on pins and needles. Alas, The giant footed women surrender to her fate, and keeled over in pain, these boots were not hers. 

Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but that's just how I feel about my vintage collection. Every time I'm a little short on cash and feel the itch to sell my shoes I remind myself how I felt when I thought I would never see these boots again. What are your favorite fashion treasures?

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  1. Wowee they are b-e-autiful! I would be gutted too if someone else had bought them!. Your tatts are lovely, I like the russian doll on your arm :)
    Rachelle xxx


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