Back To School Girl

Outfit Details

Dress- c/o Ragz
Thigh High Tights - American Apparel 
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Platform Shoes- Big Buddha
Rings- Vintage or c/o The Beat

Happy 1st of September everyone! I'm not going back to school but I can still pretend right? This fall back to school time is getting me all nostalgic and reminds me of the first time I wore knee high socks. It was the 4th grade and Clueless was the biggest movie out (at least to me) all I wanted to wear were knee highs, pleated skirts and of course all of my pens that year had boa-esque feathers on the tip as well as in my pig-tails. Although the shirts that had "whatever" and "as if" puff painted on them have long been phased out of my wardrobe, over the knee socks are in my life to stay. 

Do you guys have any fun back to school memories?


  1. That is such a cute dress and I really like your clogs
    Have a nice day
    Sara C.

  2. I adore your rings! Lovely blog btw :)


  3. Hey sweet lady,

    Would you want to do a Tattoo Tues. over at my blog (sometimessweet.com)?

    Let me know - would love to have you!



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