Holiday Hostess

If you're hosting a holiday party on any budget or just looking for a fun new tradition might I introduce you all to my good friend the pipe cleaner. A cheap way to decorate, add flair to your presents and to yourself! 

Leave them out on a table as they come (or around your house on garland) with a few twisted and tied into fun creations for your guests to play with or as props for photos. They also look chic around a wine glass or twirled around flat wear!

A mess free craft and conversation starter!


  1. Too cute! Love the little pipe cleaner martini.

    xo Amber P.

  2. best post ever?

    I love what you can do with a pipecleaner. awesome!

  3. Adorbz!!! Where did you get your dress. Really cute post!

  4. This dress is Forever 21 and I think it's still available!

  5. yeah definitely one of my favorite posts


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