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I invited some lovely bloggers to come post for me while I have my busy week in settling in San Francisco! I am so excited for the first one, Kim of Sweet Monday and her nail art tutorial!

'Hello everyone! My names Kim and I blog over at Sweet Monday. I'm thrilled to be guest posting here on Charley's blog. I've never done this kind of thing before so when Charley asked me I didn't really know what to talk about?! 
After much thought I decided to do a post that is relevant to my own blog. I mainly focus on blogging about outfits, nail design, cupcakes and DIY's. So today I'd like to take this fantastic opportunity to show my nails from the other day....

This Models Own colour is one of my favourites by the brand. It's called 'Beths Blue' and I've used it a lot in my nail designs over the years. Under different lights it changes from light blue to lilac. Such a pretty colour. The hearts and peace sign were made using Topshop's nail art pen. I was given the white one for Christmas and it's so easy to use. It works just like a pen, all you have to do is shake well, pump the end and draw like you would with any pen. You can create much more delicate and intricate designs with it compared to many other nail art pens where the pen end can be quite big. 

As you can see I went a bit mad with the doodles in this design but I think it looks fun and a bit different. And I really love just doing one nail at the moment, makes nail art so much quicker and easier and looks quite effective. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and visit my blog sometime :) I would definitely recommend both Models own and Topshop for nail art if you're interested!"
Kim xxx

If you would like to contribute as a guest blogger 
please e-mail me at charleymtaylor@gmail.com I still have spots open!


  1. that's a beautiful color!! I want it =)

  2. Love it :) Thank you so much Charley! If I'm ever away for a while I will probably do the same and would love you to do one for me. xx

  3. you have great blog =)


  4. love that blue nailpolish. it's like the color a perfect, cloud-dotted sky :)

  5. love this color..i'm obsessed with pastel nails right now!


  6. your blog is so adorable! So glad I stumbled across it!


  7. Love the colour of your nail polish! Lilac is gorgeous :)


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