Mid-Air Style

Outfit Details

Navy Peacoat- Forever 21
Dress- H&M
Belt- Thrifted
Tights- American Apparel
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Jewelry- Vintage

I have been on many flights, too many to count and even if it's a short flight, like the one hour from San Diego to San Francisco that I took yesterday, I like to be as cozy as possible. Also, no matter the weather I always wear my heaviest coat on the plane so I save room in my bag, and if I pack a hat, it's going on my head so I don't squish it in my suitcase! 

What do you like to wear on a fight?


  1. I love love love your coat! Do you fly short flights for work? My brother lives in LA and hates commuting! I always go for comfy, but cute!

    <3 Stacey Lou

  2. I usually wear comfortable jeans (or legging jeans), a t-shirt and a scarf when I take flights :) Gotta be comfortable!


  3. I usually wear some kind of leggings and a tee when I do fly, which isn't that often...lol. If I'm going somewhere cold, I always wear my coat as well :) Love your necklace.

    xo erica

  4. you're so pretty! <3 i LOVE your dress and coat! :)


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