Tips For Living Together

Whether you're moving in with your best friend, partner, acquaintance or total stranger (I've done all of the above) there are a few tips that can help you with any living situations. As my boyfriend and I graduate from his parents basement to our first apartment together, I'm taking the time to go over all of what I've learned from living with other people and even though much of it is trial and error there are a lot of guidelines I've learned to live by.

Moving in with someone for the first time feels like an exciting slumber party but your sweet intentions can turn sour quick. If you make a few small mistakes in the beginning you can have big regrets at the end of the lease (if you make it till then). Now that I've been a sufficient Debbie Downer here are some tips so you can live in harmony!

Think before you speak. A lot of arguments can lead to impulsively saying things you don't mean, or wish you didn't say. The best relationship advice my father has given me is to measure the importance of what you say to your partner by first asking "Is this true, necessary and kind?" if it isn't all three it doesn't need to be said. This tacit should be used with your roommate as well, nothing can be accomplished by losing your cool. This communication tool will come in very handy with this next tip!

You've already decided who's financially responsible for what, you have your plan for chores and you've discussed house rules. Whether it's bi-weekly or monthly this is one of the most important and helpful things you can do so be consistent. This way no one has to confront someone on their own, you have a platform for discourse. Do you feel like someone has slacked on their chores, isn't unplugging their electronics, etc. this is a chance to nip issues in the bud so you don't let the little annoyances explode into a larger argument. 
Make these meetings fun and enjoyable so you look forward to them each time. You can schedule all the meetings for after the show you love to watch together, while cooking a meal together, or doing a craft project. It's important to lower the tension so no one feels attacked.
You've heard this one before! But seriously, it's a crucial one. You love your best friend/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ mom and want to spend all your time with said person, but if they aren't your roommate you're going to have to find alternative hangout spots and keep the sleepovers to a minimum, after all this person doesn't pay rent and wasn't part of the living agreement with your dear roommate/partner. Respect is key, think about how you would feel coming home everyday after a long day of work to your boyfriend and his best friend in a pool of hot Cheetos loudly playing video games.

Happy housing!


  1. Such great advice! Roommates are fun, but there is definitely a balance. Great post.
    ps. your blog is beyond adorable. :)
    xo, Kinsey

  2. These are wonderful tips. It's easy to let things get out of hand with roomates, but I like the way you've balanced everything.


  3. yeah! nice advices!

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  4. Thank you for sharing these incredible tips of yours. I do agree that open communication is really very important in whatever relationship. However, as you have said, it is also important to think before you speak because this may cause relationships or friendships to be toss down the garbage bag. Respect, understanding and keen listening are also essential to make any relationship last a lifetime.


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