Polka Dots and Mint

Outfit Details

Brown Polka Dot Dress- Forever 21
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Mint Belt and Black Wedges- H&M
Black Tights- Crossroads Trading Co.
Gold Rings- Vintage and H&M
White Tulip- From Ian!

When I found this dress I had the vision of brown with mint and absolutely had to make it happen! I live right by Union Square in San Francisco which is a treasure trove of retail, I'm a natural born thrifter and work at a buy-sell-trade store so I don't visit the mall often. On this occasion however I needed something specific (a mint green belt) but was rudely awakened by the vision on pink, orange and yellow. Only. The neon trend has hit the retail world hard and I was not prepared for it. Luckily after my hours of searching I found my mint belt hidden deep in the back of H&M. But it made me wonder how the power of trends can limit us and really reinforced my love and belief thrifting!

How do you feel about retail shopping and trends?


  1. I hate that you look AMAZING in hats and I don't... or at least I don't think I do haha
    This is such a cute outfit... & nice sleeve :)


  2. flawless dress! ♥
    and i kinda envy you, because i want wedges like these for ages. :)

  3. Agree on how trends limits us. Fx How hard can it be to find ordinary black denims, well, really hard when all there is are superslim short green "jeans" etc.

    Cute dress and congrats on finding the belt you were looking for ;)

  4. I agree with trends limiting us as well. I haven't bought anything from a retail store in quite some time when it come to clothes. That dress is adorable, so glad you found the mint belt!

  5. I agree with trends limiting us as well. I haven't bought anything from a retail store in quite some time when it come to clothes. That dress is adorable, so glad you found the mint belt!

  6. I love your outfit and mint is certainly one of my favorite colors! I actually wore my black bowler hat today too from Urban, so I'll be posting about that later. :)
    I love your tattoos. I have some too and relate with other tatted bloggers. I love 'em!
    I don't really find myself after "trends". I go with what I'm comfortable in 99% of the time. Some days I dress in my whimsy girly outfits, other days I go back to my tomboy-ish roots. I figure nothing I have is really trendy because a trend goes out of style. My personal style will stand the test of time if it's 'my personal style'. You know what I mean? I hope I'm making sense - it's been a long day!
    Anywho, it's nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you did! It lead me to yours. <--cheesy alert! :) Have a good one.

  7. Cute! I love polka dots so this is something I would definitely wear ;)



  8. There's something so amazing about finding that unique, perfect item while thrifting. When I'm looking for something extremely specific though, I usually check online instead of searching through racks and racks of items at the mall. That's what makes Etsy so wonderful!


  9. That mint belt is the perfect addition to that dress. I just LOVE polka dots!

  10. Oh my, I love! So. much. haha

    xo Jennifer


  11. Gorgeous outfit! I love polka dots this time of year, and those wedges are just wonderful.

  12. You're an SF blogger too?! Yay!!
    Loving the dress on you, and it looks perfect with that mint colored belt :)

  13. You look awesome! I am also loving your tattoos :)

  14. Cute outfit. xo


  15. Nice polka dot dress! You look gorgeous on it! Anyway, since I am a very busy mom, I have no time to go shopping at the mall and usually I go on buying my needs at my favorite cheap clothing store like lnlclothing.com.


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