Bed Ridden on a Beautiful Day

I've been sick all week, it started out with a few sneezes when the weather changed but quickly turned into a full fledged cold, the worst one I've had in years. It's sadly come at a time where the weather has been so beautiful in San Francisco, the second picture is from out of my window where I've been gazing at the sunshine wish I could get out of the room and enjoy the day! Hopefully my sickness will pass soon! 
I've also given up coffee and traded it for green tea, I'm on day 4 of the switch and I've actually really been enjoying, I think I'll stick with it even after my cold passes.
Have you made the switch, do you drink tea?


  1. oh nooo, i'm sad to hear 'the sickness' extends from Pittsburgh, all the way to San Fran...I caught only a miniature version of it 'cause I was lucky enough to work from home a few days and rest up! Also, you're not the only one tea leafin'..I gave up coffee m'self just about a week ago. It's nice to rely on my own attitude for energy, rather than its caffeine. Feels more satisfying to get through the day 'on my own,' you agree?

    anyhoo, adorable blog :)

    -christen @ from the woods!

  2. Awwww hun I hope you're feeling better!!!!! On the plus side, your home is beyond adorable and I'm not gonna lie, I am kind of having a love affair with your comforter-it's to freaking cute! Also we totally have matching toe nails right now and I am totally digging your foot tattoos! Xo Lori

  3. Being sick is awful; feel better soon, darling! Tea makes just about everything better. I've been totally addicted to echinacea raspberry tea with lemon and honey; it's perfect for a sore throat!

  4. I do drink tea, but I also LOOOOVE coffee, like too much to ever consider giving it up. I do love tea though (especially in a pot).

  5. Aw, I hope you feel better soon!

    I adore your bed linen, chevrons + mustard yellow are two of my favourite things :)

  6. wow i felt in love with your blog and whit your tatoos..why don't we follow each other???


    kisskiss from italy

  7. poor thing! at least you have a super cool sleeping area haha i love tea and coffee..green tea is my favorite!

  8. love love love your bedding! Color and everything. :) Cute blog btw.

  9. Hi Charley. I am enjoyed the photography! Especially the photo of the blue mirror. Hope all is well. You look marvelous!

  10. Tea is such a wonderful thing! I hope you keep with the switch too. :)


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