Outfit Details

Dress- BLVD
Faux Leather Jacket- Ragz
Hat- Urban Outfitters 
Tights- Crossroads Trading Co

The weather here in San Francisco is driving me nuts. The week I was sick it was beautiful and sunny and now we've been hit with a week of gloom and constant rain. It's hard for me to be productive and cheery when the weather is so depressing. Don't get me wrong, I love stormy days and a little bit of gloom every once in a while but this is excessive! As a new San Franciscan I've been assured that this will not that too long but there's no end it sight from my view. My wardrobe and I are ready for spring but today I just matched the skies, grey and dark.

Does it rain a lot where you're from?


  1. Absolutely. I live in Dublin, Ireland and the weather here is very similar to San Francisco. We have a saying, "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes". Layering is the key!

    I always say that San Francisco is the meterological black hole of California. At least you don't have to travel too far to get some sunshine - I'd have to leave the country!

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  3. I know how you feel. It seems like every blogger out there is relishing in unseasonably warm weather (highs in the 80s in parts of the Midwest!), but here in NH it's in the low-40s and cloudy.

    I subconsciously dress to match the weather sometimes, too. There has been a lot of black in my outfits this week. I am so ready for spring and sunshine!


  4. I'd do anything to experience even a bit of rain here in Dubai! :)

  5. How disappointing : (

    But I absolutely adore that dress! I also love rainy weather, but you can't help how it affects your mood when its gloomy for more than a couple of days. NOT COOL SAN FRANCISCO, NOT COOL!

    Just kidding. I love San Francisco!

  6. 1) I LOVE that dress. Totally jealz.
    2) From now until September, we get sudden downpours of rain in New Orleans. Planning outfits are impossible. Also, your hair is CONSTANTLY frizzy. Gah!

  7. I love your your dress, it is absolutely gorgeous!

    Yes, it rains like crazy here (bc, canada). I pretty much live under a giant rain cloud, lol.


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