I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel

Outfit Details

Polka Dot Bow Top- Vintage
Belt & Hat- Forever 21
Velvet Skirt & Thigh Highs- American Apparel 

I've been adding so many polka dot pieces to my wardrobe this season! Honestly, I think I need to be stopped but this is one of my favorite spring trends. Polka dots are such a classic print, they're hyper-cutesy, yet totally unisex. 
Do you rock polka dots?!


  1. I love the little bow detail on your top! so cute!



  2. even though i like polka dots, there are many more stripes in my wardrobe. haha. but this polka dot top is so cute. <3 and the bow there.. omg, so perfect. :)
    ps: i love your shorter hair.

  3. Hello pretty lady and thank you very much for the nice comment on my last outfit!
    I just came over to take a look and found myself loving your style and the blog. I think we definitely share a love for polkadots and even if I don't have some myself, I'm a big fan of tattoo art!

    Oka,y no beating around the bush, I will follow along :)

    Happy Sunday!

  4. LOVE me some polka dots. And you are adorable!

  5. I used to despise polka dots, but now I love them! I've added tons of 'em into my wardrobe lately-- too cute!


  6. That hat looks great on you! I have one but I get kinda self conscious in it! You're adorable

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Your hair is to die for! You look so much like Anna Karina - jealous! This photo series is amazing.


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