Patterns, Prints, and Tattoos

Outfit Details

Mint Belt- H&M
Polka Dot Top and Striped Skirt- Forever 21
Hat- Urban Outfitters
Black Tights- Target

I love to play with pattens and color but it can be hard when I have so much color and pattern on my own skin! I tend to be drawn toward beautiful, interesting prints but end up buying solids because of all the artwork on my arms. The past couple of years I have figured out how to find prints that work with my tattoos, and if there was a print so fabulous but too busy with my tattoos I just throw a cardigan over it! My tattoos aren't always a source of trouble for my wardrobe, my absolute favorite color to wear is cream and on my fair skin it used to wash me out. Now, with all of my colorful tattoos it's become one of my most flattering colors. 
Do you have tattoos or rules for your own coloring that makes you pass up certain items you would normally love?


  1. You look darling Charley! I LOVE that peach color on you. And wowowowow I used to mix crazy prints and colors together before I got bigger, visible tattoos. I took out a lot of my piercings on top of going to neutral colored clothing. It just seemed like way too much going on.

    I kind of did a compromise with myself though. I still do weird texture mixes together but I'll do it in all neutrals or with a subtle bit of color then go red on my lips to put some color around my face.

    I've never really had a problem with not wearing certain colors until I died my hair blonde last year. I HATED IT. I couldn't wear all kinds of colors! Sticking to brunette and red from now on : )


  2. I adore the mix of prints with the stripes and dots! Since I don't have any tattoos, I never realized that some people might take them into account when choosing their outfits. Interesting! I'm sure you could pull off any color though :)



  3. Love how you mixed the patterns! The polka dot top is lovely :)

    Be Frassy

  4. cute!!:)and your tattoos.. :O

  5. The colours and mixed prints look gorgeous on you! And they look great with your tattoos too :) Xx

  6. Your tattoos really make your outfit. I bet wearing long sleeves changes things though! You're so beautiful, you could pull anything off, even a whole bunch of clashing patterns :P

  7. Wow! Your tattoos really add to the outfit. I love your look!


  8. I'm thinking of committing to ink to for my birthday , but I never considered it might change the way I dress! I hope it doesn't, but who knows. Maybe it'll make me be more creative with my outfits!

    Lou xx

  9. gorgeous outfit, you look beautiful!

    I recently did a review on a pretty Lulu's dress, hope you will stop by and check it out, Thanks!

  10. This cream color really suits you and it creates a great contrast with your tattoos! It's so great when you finally figure out what patterns and colors work with you.
    It must be really cool to work for such a store! I hope you get the Marni for H&M collection soon so you can see for yourself the interesting prints they have!

  11. mixing that sheet polka dot blouse over the strips was just brilliant. i think you have a good point about mixing patterns while you have such beautiful colors and prints on your arms, but i like something like this that doesn't detract but rather adds. and i love the colors for you.

    for my one back tattoo, i tend to buy dresses with lower backs for summer so it can be seen when i'm out and about. for work, i buy things with full backs.

    <3 katherine

  12. I completely agree with you that a light color can really make your tattoos pop! mine is hidden so it doesnt matter what I wear!


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