Unladylike Lace

Outfit Details 

Lace Shirt- H&M (thrifted)
Hat- Urban Outfitters 
Bandeaux and Pants- American Apparel 

I just got this lace shirt yesterday and I love how it's shaped like a men's shirt but completely sheer lace. I don't mind showing a little skin now and then and I love that the sheer trend is still alive. Although, I'm wearing this with a bandeaux I would totally wear it with a bra on the right occasion.

How do you feel about exposed bras, trendy or tacky?


  1. it depends on how on purpose the peep show is, how current your underthings are, etc. showing bras is not a trend that can be done half-assedly.


  2. I don't mind dark bras under sheer shirts, it can be a really great look or not so good, all depends on the bra!

    I really love this shirt, I like how its a mix of feminine (lace) and menswear (shape/structure). great thrifting find!!

  3. I love the subtle sexiness. You look amazing!

  4. I think it's a case by case bases. I love it when its done right though....and black.

  5. I think it's a case by case bases. I love it when its done right though....and black.

  6. I love the exposed bra, its fun and sexy!

  7. So cool your blog! Me too I love dog and astrology :o). Your home is very nice. XOxo V.V.

  8. That lace shirt is fantastic. I love that it is so structured!
    In my humble opinion I think showing undergarments - even pretty ones - is a bit tacky. It looks beautiful in pictures but not so much in 'real' life.

  9. that lace shirt is beautiful!!! what a good thrift and find. xo

  10. This isn't unladylike at all! ^^ You look gorgeous. I'm a bit unfomfortable myself to wear see-through clothes, but bandeaux would work! :>

    Thanks so much for following!
    I just noticed it, now looking through your blog but so far I love it - so following back via Bloglovin' ^^ Hmm it hasn't updated since jan 12. ?

    - Indie by Heart

    ps. my Birthday Giveaway :)

  11. I love the lace shirt! It's really romantic!


  12. I get too nervous to wear an exposed bra, but that is just me. I personally think it looks cute, depending on the outfit of course. I really like that you paired this top with the bandeaux. That top is awesome!!

  13. definitely trendy. you are so adorable!! definitely loving this vibe ;)
    xo TJ

  14. I think that as soon as its discreet showing a bit bra is okay. The thing in in the attitude. looking vulgar only appears when someone is vulgar.

    I love your hat darling! Great lace top too, you look gorgious :)


  15. Depends on the shirt and bra! I've definitely rocked the look on many occasions! ~You look gorgeous here, the shirt is to die for and the hat looks gorgeous on you! Xx

  16. Love your look, I think the exposed bra is still trendy if done the right way. I like the way you did it! xoxo

  17. Oooh exposed bras. That's a tough one. I'm all about the skin peepage but I think I prefer a bandeau to a bra.

    But that could just be because I hate wearing bras. Eep! You look amazing : )

  18. I love this! Also, I want a hat like that :)


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