Week in Photos: Pleasures

When I was 14, right before my beloved and talented grandfather died he took my cousin Toni and I to see a psychic for the first time. None of us had ever been and we were weary, it ended up being an overwhelming and exciting experience. Everything she told us of our futures have come true so far and I've been a few more times since. Many people in my family have had their husbands and futures revealed to them years before they came to fruition. It makes me wonder; do we have predestined lives or are our own minds so powerful once we believe something to be true we actually end up manifesting it. It doesn't really matter to me either way but as skeptical as my mind will always be, my heart still yearns for some kind of magic.


  1. i don't even believe in fortune telling but i still think it's kind of rad. the scarves! the brooches! and that's a sweet story too :) x

  2. ok im in love with every single one of those pictures! your eye lashes are amazing! xo

  3. i love this story; i've never been, but have often thought about, if for no other reason than to open my mind to new experiences and perspectives.

  4. Wow that's crazy! What came true so far? I've always wanted to go to a fortune teller, just for the experience!



  5. I cant help but have a soft spot for fortune tellers. I loved this post... so honest and sweet. Annnnnnnd I absolutely adore your floral head piece in the first piece.


    have a lovely weekend ladybug :)

  6. I love those shoes! The idea of going to a psychic is SO exciting but also super scary. It's crazy that everything you heard has come true!

  7. Your story is so honest. Whatever the occurrence are, we're still a human. We can't predict anything

    Anyway, I'm totally loooove your floral dress and lace details there! They're so pretty <3

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥

    Pinkie Anggia

  8. I dont beleve in fortune tellers and never been to one... I think its kind of scary to have someone tell u ur future... Anyway, great photos and blog! Following!

  9. Psychic capabilities have always interested me. I think it's our minds that are so powerful once we believe something to be true we actually end up manifesting it... and a little bit of destiny. ;D We are so capable of so many things it can be quite overwhelming sometimes, but amazing. Anyway, enough with my hippie dippy talk. Look at your pretty little tattooed feet!


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