Week in Photos: Rain and Sentiment

I love looking back on my week through photos. It's a quick and easy way to really appreciate the tiny details of my life, the perfect avocado and latte, how cute my boyfriend is, bubble baths and the touches of bright colors that make going out into the rain fun. As a blogger it's easy to get distracted by the numbers and rankings but when it all comes down to it, I love that I'm creating a window into my life that will one day be such a magical resource to myself and loved ones.
Don't let the little joys of your life slide by unappreciated, enjoy the details.


  1. Ah, so true. It is so easy to get caught up in the stats, but what really matters is that you are sharing your life and creating something in the process. Great post, Charley!


  2. So thoughtful and intuitive, Miss Charley. I love what you do.

  3. Eep I love your pictures! That sweet peter pan collar! And the bubble bath!

    I often think about having kids (a million years down the road) and being able to show them what I was up to at 23 and so on. It'll be so special!

  4. I love that lace collar, so incredible cute! And that avocado looks wonderfully yummy! Super cute blog by the way!

    Also thanks so much for taking the time to check out and comment on my blog. I hope you keep checking back!

    Little Lady Little City

  5. Your blog is adorable, and your tattoos stunning! :)

  6. great pictures. I really love your feet tattoos (:

  7. great pictures and a lovely recap why I (and probably many people) started blogging. :)

    thanks for sharing!


  8. I love what you do!
    love your blog


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