Week in Photos (Sweet Day Off)

Happy March 1st everyone! I hope February was as awesome for you as it was for me! Ian and I have one day off together a week so for the last one in February we spent the day roaming San Francisco, indulging in all the sweets and fun we could! As you can see I stocked up at LUSH, those gold things are bubble bath and they make the water golden glittery sunshine! We also went to the farmer's market and the ferry building for the best bread and cheese I've ever had. I can't believe we've only lived in the city for 2 months, I already feel like it's home.

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  1. these photos are adorable. i want those donuts like... now :) ps, lush is awesome! xx

  2. I am so jealous of your life right now! hehe! :D Seriously, you live in the city, you had the most amazing bread and cheese (i want some!!) and you take the most amaaaazing beautifully photos! in love with this blog. <3 Sarah

  3. Love, love, love the brown shoes, polka dot socks, and cuffed jeans. And that sparrow jacket! So great. Glad the city is treating you well!


  4. Those socks are too cute! I love Madewell. Sometimes I wish I lived in a bigger city just so there were more record stores and a larger variety of donuts!


  5. Lovely photos! :)
    <3 Daisy



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