Guest Blogger: Melanie of My Billie

Hi! My name's Melanie and I blog over at My Billie. Over there you'll find posts about my fashion, inspiration, general encouragement on being your best and most-centered self and fun DIYs that aren't the same old thing you see everywhere else. I'm pretty stoked to be doing a guest post on one of my favorite blogs! Charley, thanks so much for the opportunity!

Today I wanted to share some fun clothing that really fits in with my personal style. I used to be an insane dresser. I had colors, patterns, textures and weird things all mixed in together. Then I started getting tattoos (plus a couple face piercings) and felt overstimulated and overwhelmed by all of it! It wasn't a very conscious thing, but I slowly started realizing that while I kept the fun patterns and textures in my wardrobe, I was slowly taking away color and replacing it with neutrals. And now we've got a good word picture of my style today!

I still like interesting patterns and textures but I stick with black, grey, white, cream, etc for the colors and usually throw on a single pop of color via an accessory or top along with some shade of red lipstick!

Thanks for reading along! Feel free to stop by my blog and let me know what kind of fashion you're into or how you define your own style! Also, all of these clothing items were found at F21!

Thanks again Charley! Hugs and squeezes for you all : )


  1. I LOVE Melanie & her blog. She is the sweetest lady and has such great style.


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