Menswear Monday: Ian

One of my biggest influences in my own style is my boyfriend Ian. He has the best taste out of everyone I know and it's really easy to make design and decor decisions with him in our home. He's a talented photographer, currently studying hospitality and tourism management at San Francisco State University and has a growing Pendleton collection. He's someone I can truly trust to give me honest fashion and decor advice, which is hard to come by, I don't always listen but he's usually right. I love living and sharing my life with someone so inspiring and creative. 
This is an unusually mushy Menswear Monday but I had to share Ian's style! 
You can follow him on Instagram @i_phil 


  1. Haha, cute. I wish my boyfriend could give me input on my fashion choices and decor. I really like your guy's style. Pendleton has some really great items for men :]

  2. Is it wrong for me to send this to theboy and request he take notes? ;)

  3. I wish my bf would dress this nice! He's more of a plain tee, jeans, and converse type of guy lol! Awesome post! You two must turn lots of heads when walking around San Fran together!



  4. these are my favorite posts that you do! love love love!

  5. I love the design of your blog!


  6. So cute! My boyfriend is pretty helpful in the clothing department, too. I like the last shot of Ian in the cardigan. Love it when guys wear cardigans.


    1. He can never have enough cardigans, I think they take up half his closet haha.

  7. Ian is precious! You're so lucky to have such a creative and artistically encouraging partner. I bet you two are perfect together : )

  8. Your man does have a damn good sense of style!


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