Catching Up With Ashley Heather

Hey you guys! I am so excited to be a guest on Charley's beautiful blog for the second time! For those of you who do not follow me other places, the last time you heard from me was back in January. I was just starting my second semester of my sophomore year at Ringling. I am now officially a Junior and after a hectic jam packed year I am SO relived to say I am finally on summer break! 

Since my last post i have added TONS of new work to my site including my most recent shoot and my most proud body of work so far, my FIRST fashion editorial with my beautiful models, assistant, an amazing wardrobe. The girls and I took a LONG  drive into the country and spent hours shooting. I have also added a section of iphone photos where you can find some BTS photos from the shoots and other random things. 
Wondering what i am going to do for 3 months without school? I will be traveling a lot, shooting a lot of film & be prepared for an overload of photos on Instagram! I will be returning to California in July! Maybe Charley and I can get together?! I have yet to visit San Fran <3 In between all the traveling i plan on getting back to my crafty side, keep a look out for cutesy bracelets and some handmade accessories/clothing in my shop. I've also joined Lookbook again so all you little fashionistas find me there and show me your style!

Catch me while i am visiting Maryland, Minnesota, or Cali and book a shoot, i love meeting new beautiful faces! Wishing you ALL an amazing beautiful summer!

xoxox | Ashley Heather 


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