Denim Over Floral

Outfit Details

Denim Jacket- Gap (thrifted)
Floral Dress- Cotton On (thrifted)
Belt- Vintage
Hat- Forever 21

As a general rule, anything Michelle Williams' character in Dawson's Creek would wear, I will wear. So you see a lot of denim and floral relationships. But it's so weird knowing that I probably had a childhood outfit that looked exactly like this. I know each decade is recycled and fashion is cyclical but it feels like it's happening so much faster these days. Did any other past generation wear the clothes from their own childhood? It almost seems like what we wore just last year could be considered retro, the world moves so fast!


  1. True story but I dont ever think you can put me back in stirrup leggings, scrunchy socks, and Keds with a B.U.M. Sweater and call that fashion. Although im sure my mom would LOVE it.

  2. Haha, I completely agree. Denim and floral work so well together though :]

  3. man! denim and floral really always go so great together! I think denim is so far out of my comfort zone that I should probably force myself to find a good denim jacket!

  4. Amazing Outfit
    I Love Your Blog Very Cute !!!
    Hope You Stop By


  5. I love denim and floral, I remember my Mom always wearing it in the 90s. Jen Lindley FTW!


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