Falling Back In Love With Your Closet

Hello Charley Girl readers! I am Allison and I blog over at ShyScout. Charley contacted me about guest posting for her while she is away at Sasquatch and I jumped at the opportunity. I can't wait to hear all about her fun adventures from the festival! I know she must be having a blast. A little about ShyScout - it is fairly new and quirky lifestyle blog that covers my love for fashion, vinyl toys, travel, and thrifting.


Today I wanted to talk about falling back in love with your closet. How many times have you thought to yourself "I have nothing to wear" while rummaging through your closet? Chances are that just isn't true! All you have need to do is take a step back and think a bit outside of the box (aka your closet).

Have you purchased an item only to have it sit in the back of the closet?
Believe it or not this dress is an item I purchased in high school from Urban Outfitters and have only worn it once. I am sure I am not alone in doing this. The piece didn't come with a slip, was pretty sheer, and I just didn't know how to style it (but being a hoarder held on to it anyways). To the back of my closet it went and sat until last weekend when I moved out of my apartment. I had thrown chunks of my closet in to boxes and was left with only a handful of items - this piece was one of them.

Take an item you haven't worn, or worn in awhile and update it!
This is exactly what I did with this piece. Some times having only a few items to choose from is a blessing because it forces you to become creative and try new things. Traveling for example can really force you to have to think outside think box, so please try the following steps on your next trip!


Steps to creating a new look:

1. Choose a piece to style around - I picked up the neglected dress I wanted to style and knew it needed some length so I paired it with a slip I had recently acquired. Once I had these two items I had the foundation for my outfit.
2. Add some contrast or tone it down - In order to break up the bland coloring I added my go-to black tights. This high contrast helped break up the overall beige look and also added additional coverage.
3. Choose a color palette and stick with it - Once you know what direction your outfit is headed in choose a color palette your comfortable with and make all further decisions from here. I chose a neutral palette. Choosing a color scheme will help you focus in on the items you are looking for.
4. Shoes - Again, I only had three shoe options to chose from at this point - brown boots, black wedges, and flats. Sticking with the neutral color scheme and wanting a bit more contrast I added in my boots. I didn't want the black tights to overwhelm the outfit.
5. Accessorize - So long as you stick with your color scheme selecting these items should be fairly fast and simple. I had black, brown, and beige to work from at this point. I selected a black and brown bag and a black stone bracelet to further break up and add interest to the outfit. Viola! I was done.

Note: rules can always be broken, but these steps really helped me when I was in a styling pinch. What I initially feared might be a disaster turned in to one of my favorite outfits thus far. It is all about taking risks and thinking outside of the box. By taking a second look at items you have forgotten about and trying new combinations you can fall in love with your closet all over again! Sometimes limiting your options can help you create new possibilities.

I hope this was helpful Charley Girl readers. Thank you again Charley for this opportunity!!
XOXO, ShyScout


  1. I love layering cool skirts underneath my dresses to give them a new look! As always Allison, you are looking gorgeous!

  2. I hope you are going to bring this dress out of retirement more often now, this outfit is so fun!

  3. Such a smart girl, that Allison! :) Great post, friend. I agree with the limiting the resources to help get those creative juices flowing. I try and pack very lightly when I go on long trips to visit family out of state. One time I packed less actual outfits than the days I was going for and only one pair of basic maroon flats. It was certainly a challenge to mix the limited clothing options I had and I had already made sure that every newly formed outfit would match the flats. It was fun, challenging, but best of all, I got to pack light for the first time in forever! I've been trying to do that ever since. :)

  4. Great guest post! I'm all for reworking and falling in love with things again :)

  5. I loved this post.
    Allison is such a fashion inspiration!


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