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My name is Lauren & I blog over at Tastes Like Love about my daily adventures, fancy folk, my illustrations and delightful things. I'm really excited today to be guest posting on The Charley Girl sharing a bit about myself and my illustrations.

I started my blog Tastes Like Love around this time last year as a way to share my illustrations, and to generate more personal creativity. I'd just finished studying graphic design and communications and decided to focus on my illustrations and develop my style. Once I started to share my drawings on my blog, I received lots of positive feedback that motivated me incredibly. Aside from a little bit of freelance graphic design, and my casual job making coffees, I focus a lot of my time on drawing. I did my first custom illustration of my friend Holly last year which prompted me to offer my illustrative services to do customised portraits through my blog. I like to draw characters of cute girls, photo booth faces & fancy blogging folk! 
[A photo booth illustration + Charley]

Thanks for having me Charley! 


  1. awesome illustration! she's so talented. :)

  2. okay that is so neat - i wish i could create things like that!


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