On The Road

Outfit Details

Top- Crossroads
Denim Shorts- Joe's Jeans(thrifted)
Hat- Urban Outfitters 
Moccasins- Minnetonka 

 I'm trying to plan out my outfits for my trip to Washington later this month. I love road trips and I'm so excited to attend Sasquatch music festival (are you sick of me talking about it yet?) but one thing I am not prepared for is the potential destruction of my clothes and just having to be low-maintenance, not knowing when my next shower will be and having to sit in a car for 14 hours.

Are you a music festival veteran? I need your advice!


  1. Hats and pig-tails.
    Comfortable shoes...seriously.
    Layers (and a warmer layer than you think you'll need is always good)
    Face toner and cotton balls
    Water, water, and more water!

    There, now you have my nickels worth of advice.

  2. I've been a festival employee, in catering, and attendee. My best advice is wear what's comfortable to YOU. I practically live in sun dresses and sandals, so that's what I always wear. Take a bag with comfortable straps that's big enough to hold your sweater & pair of tights, phone, chapstick, money & ID. Everything else is ok to stay at camp. Theres nothing worse than carrying around your sweater all day when it's warm or having to go back to camp to get it when it gets cold. (if you're down to wear a backpack or have a boy that will, that's the best option)

    Don't be afraid to be shameless, everyone there is roughing it with you, so showers aren't mandatory or even really necessary. But then again, multiple festivals have turned me into a dirtbag.

    And yoga pants in the car. Always yoga pants in a car ride longer than 10 hours.

    Those are my personal festival rules!

  3. You're going to have so much fun! Drink lots of water, comfy shoes, hair up and out of your face (queue turban), and lots of breathable knits! Can't wait to hear about all of it.



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