Old Soul

I had the loveliest Mother's Day with so many of the women in my family, it was a wonderful time and I'm so happy they could make it up to the Bay Area. It was also so nice to get a rare 3 day weekend. The pizza photo is of my personal recipe of pesto, feta cheese, jalapenos, and artichoke hearts, I've modestly named it "The Charley" try it sometime, it's spicy and delicious! Hope you're all having a lovely week as well.

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  1. That first dress is so awesome! Where is it from? Seeing "The Charley" on Twitter the other day made me super hungry. I will have to try and replicate it sometime :)

    1. Got it from Crossroads! Haha, I hope you do!

  2. So many pretty things! I love the dresses, your tattoo, and the dolls :] Also, the pizza sounds so yummy!!

  3. I love the first dress.. and that pizza look so good.. M would love all the peppers..

  4. that pizza looks so good, in love with that tattoo!!

  5. that pizza does look delicious - i'm going to have to try it - although i might wimp out on the peppers :)
    just found your blog and i'm so excited :)
    your newest follower,

  6. Love that tattoo! Great quote and the font choice is perfect!


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