Week in Photos: Sasquatch!

I just got back from our vacation up the Pacific Northwest to Sasquatch! music festival. We had such an amazing time, it was magical to see so many of my favorite bands and visit cities I have never been. The first 4 photos are from Portland and the last are in our campsite and at Sasquatch! in Washington. Hope you all enjoyed the amazing guest bloggers this week. xo


  1. Loving these instagrams. And your blog! Everything is so cute.

    <3 Leney

  2. These photos are wonderful. It looks like you had such a fun time :] The location of the festival looks breathtaking!

  3. I feel like such a music noob. I've never heard of this festival. Back iIn my day (haha) I used to go to Warped Tour and shows at the House of Blues every weekend in Vegas. Ahh, the good days. :)
    No, these pictures look like you had a great time!
    I'm loving those pink tights with black saddle shoes.

  4. I love the Gorge, it's one of the most beautiful venues ever. I haven't been there since like 2005 though. Little bit jealous that you went to Sasquatch! My boyfriend went, I didn't. I'm wayyy too broke for that but I heard that it was a great time :)


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