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I can't decide if I love or hate San Francisco. I spent almost all of my life dreaming of living in this city and now that I'm here in the belly of it I find myself counting down the days we can move away. I miss my friends and community so much and can't wait to be back living in San Diego, a place I never thought I would end up. And then I have magical days in the city and I feel so proud of myself and Ian for accomplishing something we planned to do together as teenagers. 
This city is fabulous, I don't have a bad thing to say about San Francisco, it just doesn't feel like my city. Being the Type A personality that I am, I do not adapt, I take over. So I have nested and decorated and I'm now in the process of re-dorating to try and attempt to get my heart and body in one place. 
Do you have any advice for settling into new cities or situations?


  1. Getting used to a new city is never easy, I just think it takes time, for me it always takes much more time than I think it will. Oddly enough I am moving to San Diego on Saturday and I know I will need a good deal of time until I am comfortable and it feels like home :)

  2. That's awesome! I'll need to compile a list of my favorite places and things to do for you!
    Good luck! xo

  3. Thanks, that'd be great! Having things to explore and do always helps in the whole settling process...

  4. Gosh you just have the sweetest place.

    I think it just takes time! Try exploring some local cafes and restaurants and scout out a favourite place. When I first moved away from home I found comfort in some favourite spots, and met some cool people too!

  5. First of all, I love all these pretty pictures.
    I know exactly what you mean about being a type A personality...it's hard to be top dog (so to speak) in your city around everything you know so well and then sort of land in this new place as the new fish. I've moved alot being in the military before, but when we got out of the Air Force and moved to New Jersey I just felt sooo miserable for weeks. It's like, there'd be moments where I was the same old happy person being in a new place, because I DO adore the feeling of starting over in new places, but here I didn't know anyone and I had never lived on the east coast or north...I'd always moved to southern or western states so the people really are different. And sure I'd moved to places before where I knew NO ONE but here it was different. I just felt so far away and so out of my element but I knew I'd make it mine eventually, like I always did. It just took longer here than anywhere else. And certain days it was exciting to feel so small in this city and be so close to NYC but I'd still feel weird and out of place. I would cry and wish for my old friend and to move back to Vegas but I knew that this one was just going to be more of a challenge. It took a lot longer to make friends out here and so I did all the stuff I normally enjoyed doing, I just did it alone. It sucked at first, because while I enjoy my alone time, it was different because here I had no choice but to be alone (when I wasn't with my husband). Eventually everything just fell into place. I made friends and this neighborhood that felt like it could never be mine has completely changed. It just takes time, dude. You'll see. :) I hope everything works out and you begin to just hold your head high and show everyone who the new girl in town is. Make them WANT to be your friend and hear your story and be happy that you're settling in that city now. :)

  6. i deifnitely understand ya! try finding new things - markets, stores, food, and meeting new people online. keeping busy and photographing it all has helped me immensely.

    that being said, i still can't wait to get out of the city i am in still, so yeah.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. can totally relate! take it one day at a time. :)

    by the way, that dining area looks darling! :)

  8. It's funny, I feel similar to you. My bf and I were just talking about this last night! He's from LA, and misses the social groups he had there that he can't seem to find in SF. I'm from San Jose, and am having the same issue. It's been almost 6 years living here and I'm constantly loving and hating this city too!

  9. Denver isn't home. I miss the Bay Area every day. Sorry I have no advice. Just taking comfort that someone is feeling the same as me.


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