DIY Gold Confetti Dishes

I'm obsessed with gold confetti-style polka dots right now, I loved the Kate Spade collection that was out, but because they were expensive and now no longer on the market I decided to make them for my home myself. 

Supplies Needed:
Dishes that you don't mind experimenting on 
1 paint brush
Pebeo Porcelaine paint in gold (Pebeo also comes in pen form! Can't wait to try them next.)

Just paint the dot design directly to a clean, dry dish
(less is more! Start light and add more coats as you go)
Bake for 30 minuets at 300º and let cool
Now it's rock hard and dishwasher safe! 
(The Pebeo paint can be wiped up if you make mistakes and won't set until you bake it.)

Now excuse me while I add confetti to everything in my kitchen. 


  1. nice! I want doing this too, but until I will have a more time:) Now I´m your follower, so If you want and If you like my blog, you might watching my blog too:))

  2. i love this! so simple but so effective! they look so chic and expensive. definitely going to try this soon!

  3. Super cute! Love this, and IKEA sells cheap plain white dishes that would be perfect for this!!

  4. Why have I never thought of something like this before?! I always see the really cute kitchen sets from places like urban or anthro and their way to expensive!

    Definitely doing this soon!


  5. this is a great idea to spruce up some basic dishes and give them flair, i love it.


  6. love this. i like you am loving all things gold right now. where can you buy paint like this?

  7. Oh this looks so cool! (It matches your header haha) <3

    xo Sarah, at The Indie Fox

    1. Yeah, I clearly have an obnoxious sparkle addiction. Guilty xo

  8. Oh Sweetpea I am just catching up on your blog as I have been so busy! You are as gorgeous as ever and I am loving everything you've been doing to your place! I am obsessed with painting everything gold! ;) I hope this comment finds you well and happy! Zoë xxx

  9. Cute! I'm almost out of a gold paint that I have, and I can't find another that's as good :(



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