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I've spent the last couple of days trying to get into the spirit by listening to Christmas music, lighting scented candles, and planning out some gift wrapping ideas. I know I keep saying it but it's so hard being away from family this time of year and even harder having family that is so spread apart and knowing I'm not going to be able to see everyone. 

Do you have family in different cities, how do you juggle the holiday season? I know I'm not the only one who lives away from family so it would be great to hear your situations! 


  1. What kind of material did you use for your small flags?

    1. They're from etsy, I found them from searching "flag cake topper".

  2. I love the color combo in the last picture!

  3. Oh. my. gosh. Girlfriend, I am blogging about this SAME thing today, about being away from family for Christmas. And it is HARD, so hard, and so painful. I'm SO SORRY you won't get to be close to them. Oh girl, I can relate!!!

    1. It's SO hard, I know there's so many people going through the same thing as well. I will be with friends and my boyfriend's family (who I LOVE)though. We won't be alone so I have a lot to be thankful for.

  4. I'm glad you're getting into the season. I haven't listened to Sufjan Stevens' holiday album, but I'm sure it's fantastic!

    p.s. I'm obsessed with those pom pom strings. Can't wait to see how you wrap presents with them!

  5. I'm yet to break out Sufjans Christmas songs, thanks for the reminder!

    My family are in different cities, as are my boyfriends, we take turns whos family we spend christmas with. If I had it my way though, we'd stay at home, its a hassle traveling and I want to relax.


    1. Haha! That's kind of how Ian and I do it too.

  6. Sufjan Stevens Christmas all day! My family is in a different city too, so I bring in lots of decorations to combat the loneliness!

  7. I'm trying to get into the spirit too...I am ever so lucky to have my family close to me but I also only have about 15 people counting both sides. Not a lot. My boyfriend's family is spread out over a couple states and in-laws and other family dramas...They make every weekend Christmas & Hannukah so whenever they do see each other, that is the day that will be the holiday.

    Do you have skype? My bf skypes with his grandpa in florida...I know it's not in person but at least they see each other a lil bit. Maybe that's an option for your family you won't get to see? =) *Big Hugs*

    Love your new nail color btw...it matches the pom poms!!

    Ergo - Blog

  8. I love those rings, they are gorgeous. And that nail polish colour! I live close to my family, despite how hard I sometimes try to get away but it will probably be the last Christmas we are all together so it's a big one for us.

  9. I am from the UK and now live in Australia. This Christmas will be the 10th that I have not spent with my family. It used to be hard but I have made lots of traditions that just my husband and I do to make it "our" Christmas. We have the perfect day and although it is just the two of us it can still be made special.


  10. Oh I love that Sufjan album, gotta get that playing in my house ;)
    I've always been blessed to be with family over Christmas, I can imagine that it would be really hard not to be able to be with them :(

    Perhaps you can all Skype your Christmases at your own places so that you can still enjoy it together! We did that for Thanksgiving one year when my sister and her husband were living across the country :) it was fun!

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  12. Howdy!

    I just found your blog, and I must say your pictures are gorgeous! I love that most of them have sort of a hazy/dreamy/soft feeling to them.

    I have been trying to force myself to get in the Christmas spirit lately as well. But it has proven to be quite difficult for me too. But I've managed to pull out the stockings and hang a few strands of lights. Things might feel more festive once we actually get a tree... but well have to see.

    My dad and I live only abut 20 minutes away, and my brother is off at college. But he manages to come home for the holidays. But its usually just the three of us. I wish more family could come in for the holidays, but there are very few of us and we are very spread out. But lots of cards and phone calls seem to keep us pretty connected.

    I hope you are well


  13. Cute nailpolish and tattoos.. my family lives close, but I have some relatives out the country, for example my big sister, she is in Germany and they are not going to come this december :( but I hope next year.
    I like this holiday for one good reason, the decor, lights, cozy moments with family and friends, and the good weather, that´s it.
    oh and i am a new follower, i like it here.


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