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Most of you know how obsessed Ian and are with Pendleton, Ian has a huge collection that he's always adding to. This blanket was a Christmas gift from his grandma, we had been wanting one for over a year now, which is why I'm devoting an entire post to a blanket... As much of a frugal, thrifty girl that I am, I like adding quality timeless items that I know we'll have forever and can pass down one day. One of my favorite things at my mother's house is this tiny broom closet in the hallway with shelves of extra blankets that we dove into on cold nights or when we watched a movie or had house guests. My favorites were a wool, almost neon, bright, plaid blanket and a striped afghan. 
I'm the kind of person that moves into a new place and the next day every box is unpacked, the walls are painted and the home is decorated. But I think what's more fun that having a totally put together place is the process of adding along the way. As we enter our second year living in this apartment a big lesson I've learned with decorating is that some of the best things are built over time, collected through the years. 

Do you have any collections?

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  1. love these pics. You are gorgeous & so is that blanket!

  2. Love these pictures!
    Blankets are actually some of my favorite things to thrift for.
    Since I love having people over.. how else do you keep them comfortable and feeling like they're at home? BLANKETS!
    I also recently started a collection of tea kettles, my current obsession.

  3. That's such a pretty blanket! I never thought that a blanket could be a decorative item, too.

    I like collecting mugs, if that counts~

  4. I'm in love with that blanket. I have a thing for collecting owls, but they're everywhere this season, so I've had to hold back!

  5. Pendleton is a perfectly good thing thing to invest in!! Timeless and beautiful, you lucky girl!

  6. Haha! But that blanket DOES deserve a post all to it's own, it's gorgeous!

  7. Oh my goodness Pendleton is the absolutely best! And that blanket is seriously beyond amazing!

  8. That blanket is too pretty! Love the colors!

    <3 Megan

  9. GORGEOUS blanket and I love your description of the blankets in the broom closet. So sweet!!! I totally agree with you. :D I can't stand "model houses" where they look as if they aren't even lived in. I gotta have warmth, comfort and customization wherever I am!

    1. I like some minimalism and I get the appeal but some of those places just look so cold and sad. I love the lived in look and personalization.

  10. you two are adorable, love the colors and design. so pretty! i'm a bit blanket/comfy obsessed too. i've only found a few pendleton pieces out thrifting but it's such a classic company..great thing to collect! i have too many collections haha

  11. beautiful. so worth an entire post!
    and I so agree with you about being thrifty yet knowing when you just need something from a real store :)

  12. That blanket is lovely! It works so well with the skulls and triangles. You are so good at styling things!

  13. I did this blanket although for the longest while, I wasnt a fan of the patterns if that makes any sense? lol Have a great weekend! xo

  14. Lately I've been very enthralled by the Aztec-y type patterns. I love this, especially the colors and because it looks so darn cozy!


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