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Of all the things I collect, art is probably what I'm most proud of and get the most excited over. We love collecting art, although, our taste may be a little goofy. Ian and I live next to one of our favorite galleries, Spoke Art. When we shop for pieces we mostly go for limited edition band posters from our favorite bands and artists as well as art inspired by our favorite movies and TV shows. 
Spoke Art definitely caters to this. They have an amazing Wes Anderson themed art show that we've been going to every year, The Life Aquatic print (by New Flesh) in our bathroom is the one we got this year and the Darjeeling Limited prints (by Rich Pellegrino) are from the year before. 
Tim Doyle is another favorite artist of ours, we went to his exhibit last night and picked up that Simpsons print appropriately named "Worst Print Ever" and the Arrested Development banana stand is from his exhibit last year. Tim does amazing TV show inspired art from shows like Doctor Who, Twin Peaks, Downton Abbey, etc. (yes, I'm this nerdy). 
We love band posters from Michael Motorcycle (the Monsters of Folk print) and Tara McPherson (the Strokes print), these will be so fun to have years and years from now.
The top photo is of a Casey Weldon print, another artist I discovered through Spoke Art, she does the most amazing Steve Buscemi and cat paintings.

I would love to be able to afford original paintings and illustrations one day. Do you have any favorite artists or galleries I need to check out?

And congratulations to Holly! She's the random winner of the Custom Portrait Giveaway.


  1. wow! what a great collection! love them all, especially 'The life aquatic' :)

  2. The Frozen banana stand completes my life. I love it so much! I love art as well and love going to little art shows and getting original works (even though they're small) from random artists.

  3. Such a beautiful Art collection! Lovely post!

  4. I'm obsessed with the Arrested Development banana stand picture!!


  5. i love the strokes! the banana stand :) & the life aquatic prints! such lovely art pieces :) xo

  6. I am smitten with that Life Aquatic illustration as well as the portraits from Darjeeling Limited! Such gems!

  7. Thanks again!

    I absolutely love your art collection -the Darjeeling Limited set is so perfect! Two artists I really like are Jeremy Miranda (http://www.etsy.com/shop/jeremymiranda) and Audrey Kawasaki, though I could never afford her work (http://www.audrey-kawasaki.com/).


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