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I started a new job this week and I am loving it. But I'm still getting used to my new 9-5 schedule after not working and it's taking some getting used to. Juggling a full-time job, blogging, working out, counting calories, keeping the apartment tidy and still fitting in super important boyfriend and trashy TV time takes some hard work without getting stressed, at least for me (there's more than a couple lazy bones in this body). When I'm really busy and focused I have no appetite all day, and sometimes just forget to eat, then at about 10pm, as soon as I relax, I want to stuff myself with everything in the kitchen. I think it's good for me to experience this (and face the realities of my bad habits) because, like I've been saying, this healthy lifestyle needs to sustain itself forever. One thing that's been working for me is packing a lunch everyday and planning my meals for the entire week. How do you fit staying active and eating healthy under stress and a busy schedule? I hope you're all having a great week!


  1. Congrats on the new job!!! =)

    It is hard to fit it all in. I find myself constantly struggling, but bringing my own lunch does help, making sure at 10am and 3pm I get up from my desk and have either a tea or a big glass of water like clockwork helps me, and having my gym bag packed and ready to go after work. Eventually you find a balance, but it takes time!!

    Best wishes with the transition!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. Yay! Congrats on the job. I, like you, also pack my lunch to avoid going out and eating crap. The night before I like to make a little more for the boy and I have to have for lunch the next day, since I cook every week night.
    I also like to have snacks readily available at work. We have a fridge and I usually like some cheese and turkey in there, along with cream cheese.
    Just make sure you have something healthy around you!
    Easier said than done.. I know.

  3. Love that pretty collar necklace and congrats on the new job! I always try to pack my own lunches and make sure my cabinet is filled with healthy dinner options during the work week, or else all of the takeout and fast food places call my name (loudly) on the way home from work!

  4. Oh I am terrible at keeping all my ducks in a row as far as being healthy during the work week. Seriously, I eat entirely too many veggie subs (they sound healthy but they're pretty questionable).

    Lauren at inbetweenidols.blogspot.com

  5. I am awful at keeping up to date with everything whilst working full time. I have found that making snacks to have at my work desk helps me remember to eat, at least something. Nuts, salads and grapes are all good!

    I have also started to try and do 20minutes (minimum) of exercise a day. On those days where i'm super busy, I can tell myself that 20minutes isn't all that much and wont put the rest of my day out by too much.

    Congrats on the job too!!


  6. Ohhhh welcome to my world! I have a very hectic and responsible full time day job, I wear a suit and all! Just today I pulled the diary out again to plan everything I need to do in the evenings for my blog, business, life etc! it can be so stressful to have a life outside of work, I know this all too well!

    For the previous two years I was also doing an MA part time, so imagine how that was! Just plan your weeks and switch off the TV! Leave TV to the weekends and you'll get LOADS done after work! Promise


  7. Congratulations on the new job.

    I find it hard to find balance. I work 8-5, am training for a half marathon which takes up 4 days a week and one weekend day. Plus, I blog. Perhaps less than I would like to. Plus my cats, friends and boyfriend. It is hard but you will find a routine. You will- and it will be comfortable. Just give things time to fall into place.

    Just don't forget yourself.

  8. Cook a little more veggies, pasta or rice than you'll eat for dinner and you have a lunch for the day after without having to put in extra effort. Keeping a big bottle of water in sight so you don't forget to drink also helps. Doing stuff right when you come home from work seems to get me going, when i sit down in the couch first for 5minutes it's usually for the rest of the evening.
    What kinda job do you do?

  9. ahh man..i'm lazy too, that sounds like a packed day!! i'm the same way with eating, luke's always getting on to me. i'm never really hungry until 3 or 4 so i've been forcing myself to eat something other than coffee all day. you would think i'm thin but then i eat tons of late night crap haha last night i had to tell myself "after 10, don't go in" are we binge eaters?! going grocery shopping every week and meal planning does work for me..if i do it.

  10. I'm starting a new job at the end of this week (Sunday!), it's part time as I study at uni too, have a house to run, a fiancé to tend to and a very clingy cat, so I'm well expecting the stress to come! I think the best way to deal with it is to be planned. Tidy your apartment as you go, always have healthy snacks at hand, and know your schedule. Being organised is super hard >_< Good luck!

  11. I am with ya sister!!

    It is SO very difficult to juggle everything in 24 hours, but it can be done, and you are SO right...it's all about HABIT!
    I love this post! It's so very relatable and I applaud you on recognizing the difficulty of managing everything efficiently + going after it!

    Cheers to gettin' it done!!


  12. I can totally relate to wanting to stuff your face at ten pm!! I get off work at ten thirty so it's eleven by the time I get home. There's an AMAZING 24/7 donut place on the road home, it takes every ounce of my self control not to stop by and get one of their famous maple donuts every night. Hang in their girl! You'll get used to the hectic scheduling.
    xo Deanna | Curly Adventures

  13. Congratulations on your new job!
    So happy for you! I've been on the hunt for a new job for3 months now so your story is a good reminder for me that this search is also temporary for me too.
    Will you be doing a post with the details of your new job?

  14. Congrats on your new job :) Planning and packing your own meals and snacks definitely help a lot with eating healthy, especially when your job offers unhealthy snacks (even though I appreciate that they do, hehe). I love your chainmail collar~

  15. Congratulations first of all of scoring a new job!

    I handle it by doing what you do. I sit down on Friday night and plan the meals for the next week. That was when I do the shopping I don't end up with lots of treats in my trolley (because darn it, I didn't put them on the list) AND it means I know what I can cook each night. Plus I can work in some treats for myself to balance it out (like pancakes on Saturday morning) so I don't binge in the week.

    I also don't handle it by occasionally getting junk food or eating a packet of biscuits for dinner.


  16. Hi there! I have ventured over from the Bloggy Moms hop. I'm enjoying this little peak into your world! Just lovely! XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  17. Congrats on the new job!! I love these pics. How cute is that necklace and ice cube tray?! Mason jars make everything look so wonderful! :-) Xo


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