Broken Bones

So, this happened yesterday. I came home to a very nervous boyfriend who eventually confessed that he was carrying his jacket around (for some reason) after he got home and knocked the skull off the coffee table and it broke into pieces. I had a mini panic attack and cried because I cry over everything (literally elderly people and if someone sings really good in a movie can do it) but also because I really loved this thing. This thing that's just a thing. A thing that's replaceable and fixable actually, it's sitting on the coffee table right now in perfect condition after Ian glued it together and it looks like it was never broken. 
Then we had a talk about how I just never break anything, I never lose anything either but he leaves his cell phone in cabs, at restaurants, the park. He breaks dishes, twenty dollar bills fall out of his pockets, he drops his iPad on the ground three times a day. He's clumsy, I'm uptight, I'm a control freak and really paranoid at times, I triple check everything. And I am convinced we are meant to be together so we can even each other out. I literally pick up his phone everywhere we go, catch whatever expensive thing he tries to juggle in stores and in return he teaches me that I can't control everything, he makes me a little more relaxed and helps me see that life isn't made up of the things we have. Things break, they fade away, we get over them and we can't take them with us when we go anyway. 
I didn't know if this thing would be fixable at the time but I figure if anything it makes for some pretty cool photos.


  1. It definitely does make for some great photos!
    Crying about it is totally okay in my book. Isn't it amazing that no matter how careful you try to be, sometimes life is simply out of our control? Amazing, yes. Frustrating, definitely yes.

    Your attitude about the whole thing is pretty great, and I bet your boyfriend is grateful for it. Just because things are things doesn't mean they're not special, but maybe now you can make it into a new sort of art piece? From the pictures, the skull actually looks really awesome still.

    Don't give up hope! :)

    1. He glued it back together, it's good as new now!

  2. You guys sound like you have a similar relationship to my boyfriend and I, but we're like yin and yang together, and I honestly believe you need both parts to work. I would have cried too - things that aren't much to anyone else but mean so much to you are always a cry deal breaker.

    I'm sure you can salvage the skull in some way - it makes great art! :)


  3. At least it was fixable!! I'm learning through trials and tribulations too that you have to have that balance of compliment in a relationship. Last night there was a situation and I freaked and my boyfriend was calm. It was crazy because I thought he would be mad but he was calm and it calmed me down. It's weird how dynamics work?!?! !

  4. Glad it was able to be fixed!
    My fiance and I are so much like you and your guy. I'm a huge control freak, extremely uptight and a worrier. He's laid back, calm, cool and collected. I think you're right though, we're together to balance each other out.

  5. My guy hates to use his front pockets so I tend to pick up his keys from wherever he sets them down. One day at the mall, I was off my game. It took us two hours to figure out where he sat them down. After that I just started taking whatever he is holding from him in the beginning. Plus he has broken all but one of my wine glass collection (atleast he was doing the dishes, right?). So, yeah, I understand how you feel.

  6. YAY!!! I am so glad it's fixed. :D Y'all sound so cute together and I love how partners mix. Like I am very social and open, and Jen is very shy and reserved with people she doesn't know. I rarely ever cry, and Jen will tear up over a rescue animal commercial or a sweet proposal video on YouTube. My coffee is loaded with well, more creamer than coffee and she can drink hers black. The list goes on! However, on the other hand, we're so much alike that people who haven't seen us (such as online friends, in games, etc.) and don't know we're married will literally think we're twin sisters!!!

  7. Glad that it's all fixed! It did make for some cool photos :)

  8. Cool photos and cool life lesson:-) xoxo

  9. I would have cried!
    I'm totally the same, I don't lose, break or forget things and my boyfriend is the exact oppposite - it drives me crazy!

    Jesss xo

  10. Totally made for some cool photos. Just came across your blog- wish I had more internet access in these parts to connect more often!


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