The Hustle

Ahh, this weekend was the first one I've had totally off for a while and it'll be a while before I have another one off again. Work is all I feel like I've been doing lately but I really love it, I had no idea I could get this much enjoyment out of a job especially with how much I work. But it's so nice to relish in the quiet moments while I can.

Also, big congrats to Chloe, my Sweet Spot giveaway winner!


  1. Love the pretty plant holders! Did you make them? I want to know where I can buy some.

    1. No, they're from Macramé Market on Etsy!

  2. I just love your photography. It's such a joy to look at and is so refreshing. I, too, love those plant holders. I need to get some myself =]. I also really enjoyed reading the broken bones post. My boyfriend and I are sooo similar, but that works for us!

  3. Woohoo!! Thank you!

    I tried emailing the sweet spot bag people and there email address wasn't working?!? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong! =(

  4. Soo pretty!! I love plant hangers!!

  5. I have that ombre travel mug from Starbucks. It is so amazing. It keeps drinks hot for so long!


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