"Is your real name Charley" or "Is Charley short for something?" Charley Marie Taylor is my full given name. "Boy" names for girls is a little tradition in my family as well as the middle name Marie. My sisters names are Chase Marie and Chandler Marie. I also have a cousin and uncle named Charlie, so Charley Girl was a nickname given to me (Charlie Boy for my cousin) by our great grandmother when I was born.

"How many tattoos do you have and what do they mean?" I made a video about this that you can watch right here! My tattooer is Jasmine Wright at Buju Tattoo in San Diego, CA.

"What is your ethnicity?" I am part Mexican (My mother's side) and the rest is pretty much just white.

"What kind of camera do you use for your photos?" I use a Canon 60D or my iPhone.

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