Studio Tour

We just published the studio tour for the California workspace of Sistersof4Corners, it's full of inspiration. I am obsessed with this studio and it was so much fun to shoot. Check out the full tour here!


Introducing Sister's of 4Corners

I wanted to introduce you all to the blog I have been working on, Sisters of 4Corners. Two sisters who live and work between California and Bali. They run their own Interior Design company creating amazing spaces, but the blog will be much more than just their design work. It will showcase their lifestyle, how they work and travel together, their favorite local places, design tips and beauty picks. I can't wait to share more!


Hey Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! VienneMilano sent me some thigh-high stockings just in time for the holiday. If you've been reading my blog long you're probably well aware of my love for thigh-highs as an everyday accessory but this pair I like for after dark. I love that they are semi-sheer so you can still see my tattoos and I was surprised by how great the quality was. There is a double silicon band under the lace and even wearing these all day, running around, going up and down the stairs I never had to readjust them. The ones I'm wearing are the Austria in Dark Grey. The flowers are from Ian.


Get Inspired

Of course as soon as I write about enjoying my unemployment I get a job, a dream job actually. I will be blogging and managing social media for an amazing international interior design firm ran by two (really talented and hip) sisters. I am so excited and can't wait to share the blog with you guys once it's up and running, it will be focusing on home decor, interior design projects, beauty and lifestyle. One sister is here in Southern California and the other lives in Bali, they work and travel together.
I am feeling very inspired and ready to dive into two of my biggest passions, home decor and blogging. 


Staying Positive During Unemployment

Being unemployed after working 50 hour plus weeks for almost two years is a weird feeling. I am trying to make the most of my time while also enjoying the short break. I knew I was going to be unemployed before we moved so I saved for months but I highly recommend having an emergency fund for unexpected layoffs, you never know. Part of being unemployed (the free time part) is really nice, I can pick up and go at anytime when a friend calls, and since we just moved back I have so many people to see and catch up with. On the other hand, not working does get to you, especially when you like working, and it's easy to fall into a funk or feel low. I made a list of rules for myself so I don't let that happen.

My rules:

Work out everyday
This one is really easy but I think it's important, especially with a new gym membership, to focus on my health and create a routine. Since my days are open, it's nice to have somewhere I'm supposed be each day. When I do start working full time again I will have already carved out gym time in my day and it'll much easier to keep it up.

Keep organized
It's really easy to get into a funk during times like this so making sure your living space is clean and organized is just good for your mental health. Plus, now you can do all of those things you said you didn't have time for like organizing your closet or building a bookshelf.

Stay Inspired
It's easy to just sit around and watch TV all day when you aren't working and trust me, I'm guilty of some of it, I am now caught up on Girls thanks to my new free time. However, blogging, writing privately and going out and looking for places and things to photograph are some of the ways I make sure I stay inspired.

Be Active
Luckily, since I saved before I quit my job I have the time to look for the right job, not just the first job. Although I have a recruiting agency actively working to find me a job it's important to keep my eyes open and hunt for those opportunities independently as well. I also look for freelance writing and blogging work separately, since for now that isn't a viable full-time job but something I always want to do on the side.

Have you ever dealt with a stretch of unemployment? Do you work from home and need to find ways to stay productive without supervision? Give me your tips!
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