Friday, April 26, 2013

Minimal Summer Necessities

Karen Walker Northern Lights, Lauren Wolf Cleopatra Ring, Madewell Flats, Acne Zola Crew Knit,, Sephora X Collection

Not many people would put a sweater on a Summer must haves lists but hey, I live in San Francisco sweaters with shorts will probably be my go-to. I just got these Karen Walker sunglasses yesterday and couldn't wear them because it was so overcast, haha. I will be hunting for much more affordable gold rings this season but this one is perfect. Black and brown flats and sandals will be my uniform, Madewell makes really cute ones! This marigold clutch From Misses Dressy screams summer, I love the color and durability. Have you tried the Sephora X collection? It's amazing, I love the neutral and minimal collections.

Have you had any recent discoveries that I need to know about?!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pictures of You: Ian

Ian doesn't like getting his photo taken unless it's in an organic setting with friends or family and I love controlling every tiny detail of a photo and make the process as painful as possible for everyone so it isn't easy to get him to sit still (see cereal bribe above). But my favorite photos are portraits and it's the kind of photo I take the least but will end up meaning the most to me so I'm making it a personal mission to take photos of everyone I know, whether they like it or not. Pictures of You is that project, stay tuned. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Hustle

Ahh, this weekend was the first one I've had totally off for a while and it'll be a while before I have another one off again. Work is all I feel like I've been doing lately but I really love it, I had no idea I could get this much enjoyment out of a job especially with how much I work. But it's so nice to relish in the quiet moments while I can.

Also, big congrats to Chloe, my Sweet Spot giveaway winner!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sweet Spot Giveaway

So, how awesome is this bag? It's the longitude and latitude for my city, San Francisco printed by the sun! The company is called Sweet Spot Bags and they can make you a pouch from real sun for anywhere in the world! They're giving away a bag to one lucky reader, just comment with your favorite location in the world to win!
This contest is open world wide, you can like the Etsy page for Sweet Spot Bags here and please be a follower of The Charley Girl in any form of your choice. Enter anytime from today to the 21st and the winner will be announced on the 22nd.
I love the idea behind these bags so much, keep a reminder of your wedding location, favorite vacation spot or rep your hometown!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Broken Bones

So, this happened yesterday. I came home to a very nervous boyfriend who eventually confessed that he was carrying his jacket around (for some reason) after he got home and knocked the skull off the coffee table and it broke into pieces. I had a mini panic attack and cried because I cry over everything (literally elderly people and if someone sings really good in a movie can do it) but also because I really loved this thing. This thing that's just a thing. A thing that's replaceable and fixable actually, it's sitting on the coffee table right now in perfect condition after Ian glued it together and it looks like it was never broken. 
Then we had a talk about how I just never break anything, I never lose anything either but he leaves his cell phone in cabs, at restaurants, the park. He breaks dishes, twenty dollar bills fall out of his pockets, he drops his iPad on the ground three times a day. He's clumsy, I'm uptight, I'm a control freak and really paranoid at times, I triple check everything. And I am convinced we are meant to be together so we can even each other out. I literally pick up his phone everywhere we go, catch whatever expensive thing he tries to juggle in stores and in return he teaches me that I can't control everything, he makes me a little more relaxed and helps me see that life isn't made up of the things we have. Things break, they fade away, we get over them and we can't take them with us when we go anyway. 
I didn't know if this thing would be fixable at the time but I figure if anything it makes for some pretty cool photos.